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Friday, March 18, 2011

New habits in order to reduce environmental damage

From now on we should pay attention to environmental sustainability, global warming is already unavoidable but can still be inhibited.
way is to abandon old habits that are less good.

Here are some new habits that we should do to protect the environment and the earth.
  • Recycling : Recycling is the act of using goods which are not used anymore. 
  • Efficient use of AC (air conditioning) : Use air conditioning only as needed, to get that cold air can be a way to open the windows and doors. If forced to use air conditioning when doors and windows tightly shut to avoid useless meetings.
  • Using the lamp spiral :spiral lamp is more energy efficient because the heat generated is reduced by 70%
  • Rarely wear disposable car : Reducing car use can increase in intensity of fuel and reduce pollution 
  • Buying energy efficient goods :if we buy new goods make sure the goods are energy efficient and can be recycled, so will not be a waste
  • Reduce hot water consumption : To get the hot water heater we have to use the machine or in the heat with fire and it's not energy efficient, gunkanlah hot water only as needed.
  • Off switch :Turn off the electronic equipment and water faucets when not actually in use.
  • Planting trees: Trees can absorb carbon dioxide and produce oksegen, so that the air on earth to be clean and the temperature of the earth does not heat up
Above habits can protect the environment and reduce the effects of gobal warming, then start from now and invite your friends.
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