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Friday, March 18, 2011

Water Conditions are Getting Worse

Water is essential for all living creatures on earth, but the longer the presence of clean water increasingly scarce and dirty. The following are facts about the condition of water today.

Water Volume

Water covers nearly 70% of the earth's surface. But 95% is salt water in the sea, and 5% spread into various shapes such as ice, glaciers, water in the atmosphere, water in soil, rivers, lakes. And water that can be used by humans is only about 1.5% to 2%.

Human influence

Water is in need of man, but the water was also destroyed by humans. Growing human populations and a growing number of buildings to be the cause. The longer the water catchment areas berkurag because in use to construct buildings, and also reduced the forest to the water supply storage. 

Water Pollution

Pollution made the water dirty and not worthy of consumption, pollution can be a waste, chemicals and waste materials factory. Waste plant not only makes the water dirty but it made the water poisonous, according to research plays a major role in industrial waste water crisis on earth.

Water saving tips
  • Bathing wear shower, because the water used is less than using the bath tub
  • Do not water plants when the wind blows hard.
  • Making a rain water storage tank

Along with the increased population the demand for water is increasing. According to research each person needs 50 liters of water every day, so from now Save water use, especially clean water. Because many regions of the world's water shortage.
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