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Saturday, March 19, 2011

M4 carbine

Carbine, 5.56 mm, M4
PEO M4 Carbine RAS M68 CCO.jpg
An M4 with Rail Adapter System (RAS), flip-up rear sight, vertical forward grip with bipod and the latest Aimpoint M68 CCO.
Type Carbine
Place of origin  United States
Service history
In service 1997–present
Used by See Users
Wars War in Afghanistan (2001–present), War in Iraq (2003-2010), Colombian Armed Conflict
Production history
Manufacturer Colt Defense
Produced 1994–present
Variants M4A1, CQBR
Weight 6.36 lb (2.88 kg) empty
6.9 lb (3.1 kg) with 30 rounds
Length 33 in (838 mm) (stock extended)
29.75 in (756 mm) (stock retracted)
Barrel length 14.5 in (368 mm)

Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire 700-950 round/min cyclic
Muzzle velocity 2,900 ft/s or 884 m/s
Effective range 500 m for a point target and 600 m for an area target
Feed system 30 round box magazine or other STANAG Magazines.

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