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Friday, March 18, 2011

The problem of global warming

Do you agree if global warming becomes more severe because of logging by people orangg irresponsible?
I think that's right, because public awareness of environmental preservation is very poor. Not only because the mindset of modern society, but also because the public mindset that still tradhisional.

In some developing countries with a population that is still with tradhisional mindset, they are not so concerned with the environmental conditions. And there are some things that without them realizing it turns out has exacerbated the environmental conditions, such as when the government and several organizations in the world is doing the action to plant trees to greening the earth they are actually cutting down trees just to grab the wood and used for firewood.
And there are some people who burn the forest just to get land for cultivation, whether the action is good?
Do you think the government and environmental organizations will pay attention to this problem? But however difficult to prevent those people for not doing so, because some people do it to survive and meet their daily needs.

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