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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Download Taylor Swift - Speak Now Album

At this point, Taylor Swift may not need to do much more to prove that she's one of country music's most talented stars, but that's exactly what she'll be doing later this year, with the release of a brand new album, titled 'Speak Now.'

After lengthy speculation, Swift announced on July 20 that her new album would hit stores on Oct. 25, marking the official follow-up to 2008's critically-acclaimed 'Fearless.' And, as she told the Hollywood Reporter, she's been working on this album for quite some time, now. "Ever since we put out 'Fearless' I've been writing this one," said Swift. "Through the past two years, I've been through a lot of things that I have been dying to write about and talk about. There were a lot of things that I wanted to say in the moment but couldn't, and this album is my opportunity to do that."

Swift also added that her new album will consist of about 14 songs, although she has yet to release an official track list for her record. The young star has, however, released a track titled 'Mine,' which is the first single off of 'Speak Now.' As we reported earlier this month, the song is emblematic of Swift's intensely personal songwriting -- something fans should expect to see a lot of on her upcoming album.

"For me, I write everything that I live, so you've got to give yourself a little bit of time to live a lot of things so you can write about a lot of things," she recently told MTV News. "And my only option is to write about what I've been through and what I've lived. So thankfully, in the past two years, I've experienced a lot of things that I've been dying to write about and a lot of things that I wanted to say in the moment that I didn't."

Swift also told MTV that she would definitely include another fan-favorite song, 'Sparks Fly,' on her new album. Swift has performed the never-before released song on several live occasions and, based on her fans' encouraging response, she decided to add it to her track list. "I played that song at one or two shows, and you guys really jumped on it and made it something I had to put on the album, because you guys really showed interest in it," she says.

As The Boot reported earlier this week, the singer has also unveiled some snazzy cover art for her album. Although we may have to wait for a little while longer before getting our hands on the music underneath the cover, fans can count on some hearing some of Swift's most intensely personal work, to date -- primarily because every single word is her own. "I wrote all the songs myself for this record," Taylor said in a web chat with her fans last month. "It didn't really happen on purpose. It just sort of happened that way. I'd get my best ideas at 3:00AM in Arkansas, and didn't have a co-writer around and I'd just finish it. And that would happen again in New York; that would happen again in Boston; that would happen again in Nashville. The songs that made the cut for the albums are the ones that I wrote by myself so -- wish me luck!"
Complete track listing
1. "Mine"
2. "Sparks Fly"
3. "Back to December"
4. "Speak Now"
5. "Dear John"
6. "Mean"
7. "The Story of Us"
8. "Never Grow Up"
9. "Enchanted"
10. "Better Than Revenge"
11. "Innocent"
12. "Haunted"
13. "Last Kiss"
14. "Long Live"

Download : Part1 Part2 Part3
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