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Friday, April 1, 2011

Born to Fight

Every human being is born to fight / compete, because everyone is born to be champion. Every human being would be successful but just do not know how to be successful. Character necessary to be successful champion of the spirit, beliefs, fighting spirit and strong, and a sense of enthusiasm. Character is what will determine the champion of a person's success, but some people who have experienced loss of character failure champion and then they feel that they are not lucky, incapable, and hopeless.
If someone has lost the character of the champion then they will find it hard to rise from failure or maybe they will experience trauma and tidakmau try again. To restore the character of champions there are some things that need to be done, like building dreams, breaking a barrier in itself, make changes, create an opportunity / chance and celebrate the successes already achieved.

And to assist in the necessary motivation to achieve success, motivation will make us become excited and more enthusiastic. Every person has a motivation that is different, then we must find our own motivation and most importantly, do not ever despair. Therefore we must strive to achieve success because of the efforts and hard work can surely achieve success. If a day of failure must not despair because of delayed failure is success.

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