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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Professional Attitude and Mental

In shaping the attitudes and mental health professionals we first need to establish personal skills. Personal Skill itself consists of intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills, and Phisical Apearance.
 First we start from intrapersonal skills, intrapersonal skills is the ability to control oneself. So in the intrapersonal skills we should be able to build and manage ourselves. We must know the advantages and disadvantages of ourselves, so that we can develop strengths and improve our shortcomings. And no less important is our ability to control emotions, because many people who can not control his emotions. Try us when you're not out of control emotions, emotions that are very difficult to control but not impossible emotions can be controlled. 

Then the second is interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skill is the ability to build cooperation and lead others. Interpersonal skill is the ability to be possessed so that we can socialize and cooperate with others. Many people who failed in his job because he could not work together in groups, they can not cooperate with colleagues and others. Then after that we can control ourselves we must be master of others, in the sense we should be able to cooperate and become leaders for others.

 And last is the Phisical Appearance, Appearance Phisical is our appearance before others. To demonstrate a professional attitude and mentality that we must look like a professional. Despite the wise words "do not refer to people only from the outward appearance" but when people first saw the appearance we then people will have their own views and opinions about ourselves. So with a good-looking we can give the impression as someone who is professional and trustworthy.Having mastered the personal skills of intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills, and Phisical Apearance, we must continue to develop in order to have a professional attitude and mentality. In the business world and our mental attitude will greatly affect the outcome of our efforts, because in any event many people fail because they do not have a professional attitude and mentality. Person's success is determined not only by his intelligence, but also of attitudes, behavior, mental and ability to cooperate. So from now on we should change our attitude and bad habits, though difficult but if it is based on the willingness and effort then it surely can be achieved
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