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Saturday, March 19, 2011

M24 Sniper Weapon System

Rifle, 7.62 mm, Sniper Weapon System, M24
PEO M24 SWS.jpg
The M24 rifle
Type Sniper rifle
Place of origin  United States
Service history
In service 1988–present
Used by See Users
Wars Operation Desert Storm
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Production history
Designed 1988
Manufacturer Remington Arms
Produced 1988–c.2010
Number built 15,000
Variants M24A2, M24A3, M24E1
Weight 5.4 kg (11.88 lbs) empty, w/. sling, without scope (M24)
7.3 kg (16 lbs) max weight with day optical sight, sling swivels, carrying strap, fully loaded magazine
5.6 kg (12.32 lbs) empty, w/. sling, without scope (M24A3).
Length 1,092 mm (43 in) (M24A1, M24A2);
(46.5 in) (M24A3)
Barrel length 660.4 mm (24 in)(M24A1, M24A2);
(29 in) (M24A3)

Cartridge 7.62x51mm NATO (M24A2), .300 Winchester Magnum (M24A1), .338 Lapua Magnum (M24A3)
Action Bolt-action
Rate of fire @20 rpm
Muzzle velocity 2,580 ft/s (790 m/s) w/M118LR Sniper load (175 gr.)
Effective range
  • 800 metres (875 yd) (7.62x51mm)
  • 1,500 metres (1,640 yd) (.338 Lapua Magnum)
Feed system 5-round internal magazine (M24A1),
10-round detachable box magazine (M24A2),
5-round detachable box magazine (M24A3)
Sights Telescopic; detachable backup iron sights

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